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5/24/05 09:44 pm

My life...an ever turning black maelstrom. Churning my innards like the pilgrims did with their jars of stomach filling cream. I have lost hope in the faith that gathered my essence, and left a small tinge of plaster from the wall I've been leaning against. Perhaps my soul is meant to wander in another room. I lack brew. I lack foam. I lack the tears of joy from a man bigger than I. Take my soul out of this cardboard hell? You did. And then let me visualize a life well thought of after. But you. You lied. You lied you peasant of dusk-burned love! You let me sit in this corner! Where only a corner of my side catches the warmth of the undying sun rays? You left me! Here. To die...

5/8/05 12:37 am

I sure do wish that someone would fill me. With either love or laughter. I have been feeling quite neglected. My children have numbered a few, however I can only wish for more. I have not known the smell of a sweet yeast in a very long while. The days pass, the cats paws claw away at my plastic body. I feel my life is over. Through.

12/25/04 08:54 pm - Happy Birthday Jesus!

Today, I was birthed from my box and was assembled. I opened my eyes and basked into the sunlight as my heart beat heavily in my chest. I wasnt exactly sure of what my life might bring me. I looked up into my owners eyes, and they said to me "hello you. you. special piece of brewing wonder." And I knew, from this day forward, that I was going to be a brewing master. I'm not exactly sure how I am typing all of this. I think my mind has special typing control. Anyways, back to the life of which I am about to lead. Its going to be wonderful. Of this, I assure you.

Just know, that the intesity, of my brewing masterships, will be at hand within the next week. And when it does, be ready to feel my wrath. I only hope my owner will get me some nice glass bottles so as i might put my children into them. But i can...only hope.

sincerely ...wooshy.
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